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How BERRI fits with Ofsted guidance:
BERRI is a well-validated and widely recognised method of tracking outcomes for young people in Care. It helps you to produce structured reports to guide the care planning for each child, gives you an overview of the progress children are making in your care, and provides evidence about the effectiveness of your service.

OFSTED stated:
"It has been a cause of frustration that the inspection of children’s homes has been built on national minimum standards that do not have sufficient aspiration for these children and young people and regulations that are concerned mainly with process and procedure.

I am pleased, therefore, that the government has now introduced new regulations so that, from April 2015, our inspections will be able to focus more on outcomes for children and the quality of care they receive.

We want to see leaders, managers and staff teams who know the difference they are making to children and young people’s lives".
In Ofsted’s Inspection Framework they state that they will expect:
"children and young people to continually make progress from their starting points across all aspects of their development...

Managers have a clear understanding of the progress children and young people are making in respect of the plan for them."
That is, there is a strong emphasis on having a clear plan, and a system of outcome measurement to show the progress you are making against this plan, in order to get good/outstanding Ofsted inspection results.BERRI can provide this.
This is also a way to know you are doing good work, and regular use of outcome measurements has been shown to improve outcomes!
In the November 2019 guidance Ofsted have said that key evaluation areas include:
  • the quality of individualised care and support provided and the influence and impact of the home on the progress and experiences of children
  • the progress children make in relation to their health, education, and emotional, social and psychological well-being
The criteria for an Outstanding rating state:
  • Professional practice ... results in sustained improvement to the lives of children, even where they have complex or challenging needs. There is significant evidence of change and improvement because of the excellent quality of care provided. The progress of children is exceptional, taking into account their starting points.
  • The experience of living in the home enhances children’s life chances. For children with the most complex needs, staff are able to evidence the sustained benefit to the lives of children in their care. There are examples of excellent practice that are worthy of wider dissemination.
  • Research-informed practice, some of which may be innovative, continues to develop from a strong and confident base, making an exceptional difference to the lives and experiences of children
They also evaluate:
"how well risks are identified, understood and managed" and require that Outstanding home managers "ensure high standards of individualised care" and "create a culture of high aspiration and positivity and they have high expectations of their staff to change and improve the lives of the children they are responsible for".
We believe BERRI can be a key component in creating this culture of high quality individualised and evidence-based care and in evidencing the progress children are making.