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Digital Leaders Social Transformation Award 2024

I am proud to share that BERRI won the Social Transformation Award at the Digital Leaders Awards on Thursday. It was great to hear the judges feedback about the difference we are making, and to be able to celebrate with some of my team. At a time in which so many public services are being cut back to save money, despite the impact on outcomes for those who need it most, we are delighted to know that BERRI is helping local authorities to improve outcomes for children whilst saving costs.

Digital Leaders made their Impact Awards a fantastic event. There were lots of interesting talks, and I got to meet lots of inspiring people who are also trying to make a difference in the world. There was a real mix of public sector organisations, large established companies and smaller enterprises like us, all with a shared mission to deliver our services in a way that does good for people and planet. You can read about all the winners here: https://www.impact-awards.co.uk/winnerstolist/

Dr Miriam Silver
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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Women in Innovation Award 2022/2023

In response to the growing demand for mental health support, Dr Miriam Silver founded BERRI, a digital toolset designed to identify, track, and support the psychological needs of children and young people. BERRI provides individualised reports to advise parents and carers and has the potential to transform the way mental health support is delivered to children in need.

As Miriam explains, “Two million children in the UK have significant issues with their mental health or emotional wellbeing and unfortunately few of those are able to access professional support. Demand has never been higher, yet limited tools exist to identify children's mental health needs and support families.”

Proud of the positive difference she's making in the world of mental health, Miriam's advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is simple: “Believe in yourself and focus your energy on the place where you can make the most impact.”


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Inclusive Innovation Award 2023

Dr Miriam Silver, explains why winning the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award is so important:
“This Award will enable us to use our tools to support children and families known to social care services, reducing the number of children that need to be separated from their parents and taken into care.”

The team hopes to see BERRI across children's social care services, reducing both the number of children coming into care and placement breakdowns. They also want to develop self-assessment and personal development tools for young adults, and help carers supporting people with specific psychological needs.


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