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What does BERRI cover

BERRI looks at all the areas of a child's psychological functioning that our focus groups indicated can affect their placement needs, ability to undertake the activities of daily life, or happiness.

Our questionnaire is written in everyday language and can be used by carers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the child's:

  • Behaviour
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Risk (to self and others)
  • Relationships
  • Indicators (of psychiatric or neurodevelopmental conditions)

Often people see just the child's behaviour, without understanding that their mental health or ability to trust and form relationships with other people might underlie how they are behaving. We want to give a broader picture.

We also know that a large majority of children in Care, and most children who challenge their parents, carers or other settings have significant difficulties with their mental health, development or ability to form relationships with others. We know that Adverse Childhood Experiences such as trauma, abuse and neglect can cause significant problems with attachment (the template the child has for relationships, which is formed from their experiences with their primary caregivers).

BERRI doesn't attempt to cover everything that might be relevant to a child's records - like their school attendance or attainments, whether they abscond from placement or have an incident. We can make custom additional features and reports, but for now we are focused on the psychological aspects of how the child is functioning, which don't seem to be covered by any other metrics available. That also reflects how BERRI was developed, and the background of the clinician who developed BERRI.

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