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Happy New Year from all the team at BERRI!
Throughout the month of January 2022, when you take out a subscription for 5 or more new or additional BERRI records, you can choose one of the below offers. When you take out a subscription for 20 or more new or additional BERRI records, you can choose two of the following offers:
  • 10% off new BERRI subscriptions for a year when you sign up in January 2022 (5 records minimum).
  • 1 free psychology consultation for every 10 BERRI subscriptions purchased in January 2022.
  • 1 free training session on the BERRI system for new organisations purchasing 5 or more records in January 2022.
  • Free e-copy of Attachment in Common Sense and Doodles by Dr Miriam Silver for every BERRI subscription in January 2022.
  • Free report into data trends and organisation insights after 6 months of BERRI use. This is ideal for organisations who can complete 2 BERRI timepoints within their first 6 month period of use. The more children screened with BERRI, the more insightful this report will be.
We are also offering new and exisiting organisations the following discounts when purchased in January 2022:
  • 10% off Attachment and Trauma training sessions with a Clinical Psychologist (full price = £500 for a half day or £1000 for a full day)
  • 10% off Staff Knowledge and Burnout Surveys to provide insights into your staff team and identify ‘Rising Stars’ for the future (full price = £25 per staff member + £250 for a full report)
If you wish to take advantage of these offers, please contact Ben our Customer Development Manager at benp@lifepsychol.co.uk before the end of January when these offers will expire!