How does BERRI work?

The BERRI assessment checklist gathers information around five themes (behaviour, emotional well- being, relationships, risk & indicators of neurodevelopment or psychiatric conditions).


We recommend that you discuss the scores with a colleague or someone else who knows the child to give the most reliable results. To complete the BERRI you read each concern from the questionnaire and then rate the level of difficulty for each issue along with their frequency. You also tick any significant life events that may be affecting a child. You can do this on a paper questionnaire and then transcribe the scores onto the computer, or fill it in directly on a mobile phone, tablet or computer*.

Once completed, the checklist is scored by our online system to produce a comprehensive psychologically-informed assessment of the child’s needs. This includes a spider plot of the child’s profile. The scores can be converted into useful advice in the form of a downloadable report which includes interpretation about the meaning of the scores, and what strategies might help to reduce them. At the moment the advice is quite general, but as we get more and more data we will be able to be more specific.

Repeating the BERRI checklist over time shows how the scores have changed, demonstrating improvement or the need to review your care plans and interventions. We recommend that you use it four times a year.

Scores from the previous assessment are visible on the spider plot showing how things have changed since last time.

If you want to work on specific goals or issues, you can also “zoom in” to monitor particular areas of concern more closely (eg aggression, self-esteem or low mood) and see how these change day-by-day or week-by-week.

If you are a service manager or commissioner you might want to get an overview of the progress of a group of children or a whole population. With BERRI you can "zoom out" to get an overview of a group or population, colour-coded to see at a glance who is making progress, and whether any setbacks are related to life-events.

*we only recommend entering data directly if the internet connection is reliable